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Night and day they pray

The power that emanates from this golden and bright room of the Augsburg House of Prayer surprised both of us. Curious and unaware, we stumbled into this building converted from a gym into a house of prayer, brought to life by Johannes and Jutta Hartl.

There is a difference just knowing that this place exists, where prayer has been going on continuously day and night since 2011, or being right in the middle of it.

As we entered the prayer room with its bright paneling, golden ceilings and radiant cross, about a dozen people were praying for the protection of life in a variety of forms: Soft music with prayerful chanting, intercessions, or quietly absorbed. Especially the task and responsibility of teachers was in focus at that moment. What peace and tranquility emanate from this space!

How beautiful to know that in Germany there is this place where people pray for the most diverse intentions: how much more than we know the prayer of all people holds our society together in its innermost being, and what is being prayed for right now in this moment?


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