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Salt & Blessing - how it all began...

Salt & Blessing - how it all began...

Maybe you felt the same way: March 2020, lockdown, everything is closing, everyone is at home, churches are closed - everything is new and in between you always wonder if you are in a movie or if all this is really happening...

Then there are those times when praying alone is just crampy. Everything is tough, everything is a struggle and there is simply no word from outside. A word that someone brings to you, who perhaps has more faith than you do. Someone who can tell you what God has done in his life when you doubt or fear. But how do you get such people, such strong testimonies of faith that we all need in between and even more so when the church is closed?

From time to time we support the Catholic Seminary Redemptoris Mater Berlin, a seminary where young men are trained as priests and want to give their whole life to God and the service of others. So the idea came quickly, why not combine the one with the other?

What fascinates us so much about these men who have such a strong vocation, perhaps also fascinates others? What other vocations are there? In so many people God has turned everything around, done incredible things - where are these people and how can we make these life stories accessible?

You know the rest if you have landed on this page - the podcast "Salt & Blessing" in which we want to introduce you to fascinating people for whom faith in God has turned everything around!


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